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Last Chances And New Beginings 

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The December Starter Course 2015 was the last run of the course in the current form.
The final course was  similar to the The Summer School . There will still be weekly emails on a Monday but you can take your time over the material. I’ll be providing feedback on all completed tasks as usual.

Course Dates: Ran Monday the 7th of December 2015 to the end of January 2016.

Ideal for anyone who would rather work at their own pace during the Christmas break.

If you want to read more about the  Starter Course and how it  works then follow this link

After five years of running the course in this format,  it was time to make some changes.



Time to Spring Clean Your Classroom?

Is your classroom looking a little bit the worse for wear?  Looking for a quick solution? Spring cleaning is not just for homes and your classroom too can benefit from a quick once over. The trouble, for most teachers, or teaching assistants, is finding the time is really challenging. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start.

Have you really looked around your room recently?

Is your classroom is crammed with work in progress and things you’ve not had time to clear away?  Or is it well organised but uninspiring? A messy classroom or a boring one can soon make you, and your learners, feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

Not Just Your Display Boards

This is not about your classroom displays  but about the whole visual look of your classroom.  A working space can have a big impact not only on  efficiency but also how easy it is to concentrate. You could have the most wonderful, creative display boards in your classroom but their effectiveness may be reduced by the visual clutter surrounding them.

Not Creative Mess But Visual Noise

I’m not talking about a ‘creative mess’. Classrooms that are always tidy with nothing out of place are rather dead spaces. Learning is inherently messy!  When creative work is under way every classroom gets a bit untidy and that’s a good thing!  Creative mess can be cleared away quickly once the creative moment has passed. The trouble starts when it is left to turn into the sort of distracting mess that adds to a general ‘visual noise’. That mess that you can see out of the corner of your eye makes concentration very difficult.

Visual Distraction Is Bad for Everyone

We all know intuitively that it can be hard to think clearly in a very messy space. This applies to you,  just as much as it does to your learners.  It is even worse for any students in your class who suffer with attention issues, dyslexia or autistic spectrum disorders.

Imagine Being A Child In Your Classroom

We will start by  imagining what it is like to be a student rather than a teacher in your room.  Once you have taken a look at your classroom through fresh eyes you will find it much easier to see what needs to be done.

Introducing The Tidy Classroom Process

Update – The Tidy Classroom Process and Workbook  are now only available as part of The Advanced Displays Course

You Will  See Exactly What Needs to Be Done and How to Do it Quickly.

I’ll show you how you can use your natural visual strengths to quickly create a more effective classroom.  Once you know how to really look at your classroom you will find that there are quick and easy solutions staring you in the face.

Update - The Tidy Classroom Process and Workbook  are now only available as part of The Advanced Displays Course

Update – The Tidy Classroom Process and Workbook are now only available as part of The Advanced Displays Course

In 3 steps this process will help you to

Step 1: Identify what blocks your students and makes your classroom hard to work in.

Step 2: Create actions to instantly improve things.

Step 3: Make long term changes to your classroom to more effectively support your students’ learning.


The Tidy Classroom Workbook is a short, practical, e-booklet which guides you through this process. It comes as a PDF file which you print out.It is ideal for anyone who feels their classroom space is looking a little (or a lot!) unloved and wants to fix it, fast! 

The workbook takes you through a process that you can use again and again. It is not a book of specific tips.
Update – The Tidy Classroom Process and Workbook  are now only available as part of The Advanced Displays Course


Science Displays in Secondary

Science Displays in secondary

Science Displays in secondary need to be eye catching and useful.

New in the Classroom Displays Flickr Group from NQT Mr Chapman comes this secondary (high school) science display .

I’ve had several high school staff on the Classroom Displays course this year asking for help with science displays in secondary schools. and there is a growing feeling that displays are becoming more important in high schools. That all set me thinking about just what’s available in the way of displays advice for teachers of older classes.

Useful Display Books for Science Displays in Secondary

Here are some links to articles I’ve written about books that might be helpful . The first one is aimed at secondary teachers:

Design for Learning
The next 2 are aimed at primary but the information about the basics of design holds true whatever the age range. These both have long extracts that are available to read here on the blog:
Interactive Projects
Bulletin Boards That Capture Them with Pizzazz
The displays they describe are mostly relevant to primary but the last one has a good chapter on basic design.
Finally there is an excellent free pdf from Dr David Smawfield’s site.Look at the  School and Classroom Display Handbook. This gives a really clear set of basic display guidelines to follow what ever the age of the learners.

Useful Sites with Free Science Displays in Secondary Resources

On my travels round the internet preparing this post I found some very useful sites with free (mostly) science related posters suitable for older students. Some were  to download, others could be ordered in the UK.

1. Secondary maths posters, postcards and more from love the Maths on the Underground series and the Origami posters

2. Chemistry Resources from the RSC -Discover Chemistry 8 free Careers Posters



3. Tomorrows Engineers site has some great stuff. My own favourite is the large What is Engineering? poster. It  is really detailed and would be great blown up into a really huge image using Blockposter. (Blockposter tutorial post)

Have you found any great books or resources for  science displays in secondary?