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Classroom Displays Summer School

Classroom Displays Summer school

Learn at your pace, not mine.

It is once more time to open the doors and welcome you to the Classroom Displays Summer School. This is your chance to work through either or both of the current displays courses at your own pace. (Read more about current courses Classroom Displays  Courses )

The Summer School takes place entirely online and you can access the modules whenever you like, for as long as you like. The course happens on a dedicated, password protected private website attached to this one.

You can see the public facing side of the site here Classroom Displays Training

The Summer School is available to you over the summer from early June to the start of September.

Your Summer School Learning Experience will be :

Self Paced, Flexible and Self Directed.

I have written before about how helpful working at your own pace can be and the Summer School is an excellent example of this kind of learning.

  • You can work in your own way, at times convenient to you.
  • You can set your own deadlines for each assignment and, with my help, you will meet your objectives.
  • You can choose to work on the modules in the order that suits you
  • You can present your assignments in your own way, be that written, images, video or spoken word.

You can even change the modules to suit your own needs with my help.

Some modules may not be totally relevant to your setting. Work on the ones that are and we can work together to create something appropriate to your own needs to replace any that are not applicable.

Why not make this summer one of your most productive for your career development and join us at the Classroom Displays Summer School?

Not sure it is for you? Ask me in the comments or read more here


Book Now

The 2019 Summer School is booking now. Doors open for classes June 2nd 2019.

Choose Your Course

 I also will be publishing a FAQ which I hope will help you decide if this is your year to do the Summer School.

Remove Sparklebox Toolbar, how and why 3

Are you worried about how to remove the Sparklebox tool bar?

Remove Sparklebox toolbar – via @mikemcsharry

Do you have the Sparklebox toolbar on your school laptop? I know lots of teachers still do despite all the warnings about the site. I also know that removing toolbars can be a bit daunting. I found a resource via  a Twitter conversation the other day that makes it much easier and explains just why you should.

You can download this pdf file (sparklebox notes march2011) mentioned in this tweet and use it to help you (or your technician) remove it. Mike includes quotes from several LEAs who are blocking the site in his blog post Sparklebox Removal

I hope most teachers now understand just why the site is banned by so many local authorities but if you are not sure then have a look at this from the BBC. There seems to be no evidence that the ownership of the site has changed recently, despite several rumours to that effect.

Of course we all get tempted to install things we probably shouldn’t, especially when they offer us incentives. It is worth remembering that if something seems to be free then access to your information is often the hidden price. That is why I think it is important to use trustworthy sites for free resources. This PDF will help you, or your technician if you are lucky enough to have one, to fully remove the toolbar.

As for where to find good quality free resources from trustworthy CRB checked sites have a look at the rest of the articles in this series Alternatives to Sparklebox and if there are some you’d like to add just leave them in the comments and I’ll link to them here:

Alternatives to Sparklebox wiki page


Back to school – get organised 1

So Much Stuff So Little Space is a cry that will be heard in many classrooms over the next month or so. The first chapter of So Much Stuff, So Little Space: Creating and Managing the Learner-Centered Classroom is a good read for anyone setting up a new classroom. So before you get too despondent here’s some advice that might be helpful.

Sadly the preview ends just before the actual displays advice but the stuff on classroom organisation is sound and worth thinking about. As usual with books here is my link and I get a tiny bit of commission if you buy through me rather than google So Much Stuff, So Little Space: Creating and Managing the Learner-Centered Classroom

Design Advice in Books

You can find design advice for classroom displays from all sorts of places. Recently I discovered you can even get quite lengthy previews in googlebooks. This is from a book called Bulletin Boards That Capture Them with Pizzazz. The book is quite old and you might be able to get a cheap second hand copy. The basic advice is pretty sound although the book is old and from the USA. You can read most of the advice right here in this preview:

This is my link and I get a tiny bit of commission if you buy through me rather than google 🙂 Bulletin Boards That Capture Them with Pizzazz