The Snow Queen and Science 1

snowqueen, originally uploaded by LMH_.

The Snowqueen was a half term long year 3 project a couple of years ago. She was huge- larger than life. She dominated the classroom and was actually very well-loved by some children, despite her evil ways (or possibly because of them 🙂 )
The children really loved making her, and the snowflakes which hung from the ceiling all over the classroom. She was a totally cross curricular project.
The snowflakes were made to link in with year 3 maths, lines of symetry and reflection.
She was a traditional tale -turned into a playscript (literacy)
We investigated various materials to judge their suitability for making Gerda a coat to keep her warm (science).
Oh and we went to see a production of the play, in a theatre, at the end of the term. (PSHE – social skills and knowledge of the world).