Classroom Displays Advanced Course


Next Available Course September 2018

Why Take This Course?

Advanced classroom displays course

With the Advanced Classroom Displays Course

You need help and support to make your classroom displays the best they can be but you do not have time to spend hours researching and making them.

I know from my other courses and from running the Facebook page  that many teachers feel under pressure from heads and from OFSTED to display effective learning.

I also know that you have very little time to plan or produce them.

I would like to help you to refresh and re-vitalise your classroom displays and to plan and make displays without spending hours on CPD.

Teachers need to be free to teach during class time and more teaching assistants’ time is spent exclusively with groups or 1-1 with learners.

The Workplace Agreement is a thing of the past.  Teachers have returned to not only planning but also putting up their own displays. However displays are still seen as important, both as a celebration of work and as visual learning tools.

Rather than spend vital teaching time or your own free time on making or even worse, worrying, about displays we will help you find ways to integrate display planning and making into your work.

The Benefits of On line Learning

An on line course is ideal as it does not need to take up valuable INSET days. It is flexible and you can take what you need from the course and leave the rest.  It can be fitted in around your normal workload and is designed not to upset your work/life balance.

An Intensive 21 Day Course that Will Not Add to Your Workload

The 21 day course will be more intensive than the Basic 4 week course but that should not cause you problems. School staff are increasingly facing time pressures and need to integrate their CPD into their work time. The output of the course will be evidenced by choosing and then producing one or more detailed displays to be developed over the 21 day period. The displays should be ones that you were going to make anyway and therefore it should not add to, just enhance your work.

Will the course be right for you?

The Advanced Course is suitable for Teachers, NQTs and Experienced Teaching Assistants

The idea of the course is an in depth exploration of the whole topic of classroom displays but done in a very practical way. You can take from it what you need and refer back to the PDFs after the course.

It is most suitable for teachers, NQTs and experienced teaching assistants.

  • If you are a secondary TA or a technician with responsibility for displays then email me for more details so that we can ensure the course is right for your role. Email me for more details

You will look at:

  • Some of the theory behind what has been called the UK obsession with displaying children’s work. This will include looking at display policies, display learning walks etc.
  • Learning walls and standards based displays. We will also consider how to make target displays meaningful to children whilst not alienating to the lower achievers.
  • A range of visually based behaviour management ideas.
  • Adding 3D elements to displays to increase learner engagement.
  • Technology and display, how to add interest to your displays with technology based elements.

A  Short Daily Lesson  and PDF Guides
Each week day there will be a post with a tip, a display technique or something to read which will help you with your displays. It will link to a longer piece that you can read when you have time or if the topic grabs your interest.

Virtual Field Trips, 101 Display Tips and Tricks and a Workbook

In the first week you will get  an e-workbook to fill in. The Tidy Classroom Work Book is for you to use in your classroom. It will help you to explore it from a child’s point of view and see what it might be like as a learning environment.

Each week we will have a field trip to various web sites to find good quality design ideas, ready made resources or interesting ideas about display.
You will receive a pdf file of 101 Classroom Display Tips and Tricks that you can dip into.

What You Get

The course will include

  • A daily post
  • 3 catch-up sessions where I will deal with any questions and talk about the course materials.
  • A range of display related pdfs
  • The Tidy Classroom Workbook pdf to fill in.
  • 101 Classroom Displays Tips and Tricks e-book.

It might seem odd that the advanced course is shorter than the basic one but a daily based course is far more intensive than a weekly one. The course materials will remain available to you here  in case you need them until the next course starts.

What You Need

  • Internet access
  • An email account

Optional but nice to have:

  • A printer
  • A digital camera, your phone is fine!
  • Working speakers and a fast enough connection to play videos

What you have to do
You are expected to read the course materials, it works best if you join in discussions on the site and complete at least some of the  practical tasks.

You can share your completed tasks in the private section of the website. You might also want to share your ideas on the Facebook page or on Twitter. Sometimes people prefer to respond privately to the tasks by email & that’s fine too.
You keep your access to all the lessons on-line until the next session starts , with an extension if you need it to complete the tasks.

Keep up with the daily tasks or work through at your own pace. It is up to you.

What It Costs

The Advanced Classroom Displays Course costs just £49.99


Book your place on the next one by using Paypal or contact me via the form at the bottom of the page.

Once a Term

The course usually runs  only 3 times a year. September, January and Summer School .

Next Course January 2018

Displays Course FAQ

If the answer to your question is not here just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Do I have to be in class at certain times?

No, there are no set times when you have to be in class. The daily lessons are posted to the private course web site and short tasks or tips are emailed to you daily, but this is a self-paced course, so you can fit it in whenever is best for you.

The course fees are in British pounds – do you accept payment in dollars/euros?

Yes! Payment is made via PayPal, which automatically converts currency for you. To check the current exchange rate, visit this useful online currency converter. If you don’t have a PayPal account use can still pay using a credit card (PayPal will provide instructions when you check out).

Can my school pay?

Yes, just send me the details on the form at the bottom of the page and I can send them a PDF invoice. They can then either pay by cheque or BACS.

Do I have to share photos of my displays or answers to the tasks?

No, it’s not compulsory to share your photos, though sharing as a group is a wonderful way to gain new insights into your display ideas. We’ll all focus on the same aim – to learn more about making effective displays– so the web site will be a safe place to share. If you don’t want to share in the group you can always email me your responses.

How is the Displays course run?

The class focuses on daily tasks and tips , backed up with a post on the site and all leading to improving your current displays. All content will be posted to the private course web site. We will also have a space where you can share your photos  and take part in discussions.

Do I have to be currently in school to take part?

Yes and No!

Normally it would be very hard to do this course whilst on a break from teaching, for example on maternity leave, waiting to take up your NQT post, working as a supply might be possible. You do need  a classroom or library in which to apply what you are learning.

During the Summer School we focus more on discussion and using examples from our past experiences. So then you Do Not Need to Be in School


Please use this contact form if you would like more details about the course:

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