Courses for Schools

I am regularly approached by schools interested in booking multiple members of staff onto courses or to work with me on a whole school basis. This information may be helpful if you are a school looking to work with me. (Please note: I no longer offer INSETs or other face to face training.)
Three Ways to Work With Me
I currently offer 3 main ways of working with schools:

The Starter Course, The Advanced Course and The Whole School Pass. Broadly speaking the Starter is more suitable for TAs and the Advanced is more aimed at teachers. The Whole School Pass combines the two and allows for a more tailored approach.

The Starter Course Learning Objectives:

  • You will understand how to make your displays really work for your learners
  • You will know where to look for display ideas and resources
  • You will be able to use basic design principles to make your displays stand out.
  • You will confidently use colour in your displays and know how best to mount children’s work.
  • You will choose from a range of lettering styles to find the ones that best suit your display.
Advanced Course Modules:

  • Applying theory to your practice  This will include looking at display policies, display learning walks etc.
  • Learning walls and standards based displays. We will also consider how to make target displays meaningful to children whilst not alienating to the lower achievers.
  • Using visually based behaviour management.
  • Adding 3D elements to displays to increase learner engagement.
  • Technology and display, how increase engagement with your displays with technology based elements.

The Whole School Pass

For schools that are interested in a bigger commitment I also offer The Whole School Pass. This is a more tailored package which gives up to 20 staff (teachers and TAs) access to everything for the academic year and provides a school discussion area as well. There is also scope to add more topics and for more individual mentoring as needed.


(Current as of June 2017)

1. The Whole School Pass which allows up to 20 staff to access all areas and a dedicated discussion area just for your school.  £450
2. Access All Areas (for up to 5 students) £ 200
3. The Advanced Course per person (minimum 4 students) £30 each
4. Starter Course per person (minimum 5 students) £20 each
I provide a PDF invoice and payment can be made by BACS, cheque, or through Paypal. Schools wishing to book for smaller numbers by BACS or cheque should contact me for prices.

Please contact me by leaving a comment below with any questions and I will get back to you by email.


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