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Postcards from virtual friends

Postcards and map, originally uploaded by LMH_.

Geography displays in the classroom are a particular favourite of mine. We knew that we needed to familiarise the children with the UK map but we were worried by how remote and unreal the geography topic seemed to Year 3. I thought I might be able to use my contacts with the Teaching Assistants Forum to bring it to life. As you can see from this thread it went very well.We got postcards from children in Shetland and Cornwall. Year 3 spent a lovely afternoon writing postcards back (thus meeting one of their literacy targets along the way!), learned a lot about two places at opposite ends of the UK and places that had seemed strange and unreal turned out to be the homes of new friends.

April 2006 – update.

We are moving back to our original classroom soon and I like the shiny backing paper on this display so much it’s coming with us! It’s been up in our temporary classroom for at least two years!It turned out to be a huge single sheet of surplus from a local paper mill. It’s very durable, doesn’t show marks and is endlessly forgiving of staple guns!The only slight drawback is that it doesn’t photograph very well, too reflective. However when I took it down I was delighted to see that the reverse is a nice, slightly shiny silver colour 🙂 Perfect for our plants display next term!

It’s going to save me hours – epecially as the wall it is destined for now has a computer bench in front of it!