Why do we make displays? 3


This one shows off children’s work quite beautifully. It is decorative and it does cheer up a drab corridor. I’m not sure what anyone is learning from it directly but I’m pretty sure the children who contributed to it feel a sense of pride and ownership that their work has gone into one of the communal areas of the school.

It’s partnered by this display as well and they are so vibrant that they really do cheer the place up on a grim, wet, northern day!



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  • mpb

    I’m behind in getting my public involvement bits on-line, but this is a quote I ran across and currently use at Flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/hlthenvt/sets/72157594232649051/

    I grabbed it because I once had posters and maps pulled off my walls at a community college, by the director who was also in charge of rural teachers education at the university. I can’t think of anything worse for students of any age than to have bare walls.

    Congrats on your nomination!

    "If you walk into a school and the walls are pristine but bare, Sewing said, those teachers might have their priorities mixed up. “They have to be less concerned that (hanging student work) means that we have to paint the hallway,” she said."

  • Peter Jones

    That’s a great display. Monet is a real inspiration. I’ve my 2007 Monet calendar ready.

    I wonder to what age children can use specific conceptual tools in their art work? I’m thinking about a framework called Hodges model. Once the model is explained to them could they depict aspects of the four knowledge domains: sciences, interpersonal, sociology, politics – altering the terms to make them accessible….

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