Monet Classroom Displays

Willow Class have created a monster Monet but sadly all I have for you are these lovely poppies!

Update – sad to say the Monet Monster has been deleted but you can still read about their project.

Over on their brand new blog Willow Warblers this year 6  class from St Andrew’s Primary School Yetminster have posted this gorgeous Monet classroom display. They say:

We have been learning about a Victorian Artist – Claude Monet. We investigated his style of impressionism and created a huge painting in his style. Each of us had a section of his painting “Water lily pond with water irises” which we scaled up. This was then put back together again et Voilà.
Why not pop over there and tell them how wonderful their work really is, and while you are there you can watch their video about it too!

Colourful Displays – A Mexican Marketplace 1

Just look at these stunning classroom displays based on a Mexican market from Classroom Displays group member Painted Paper . Aren’t they amazing?

The colours  of the children’s work are so vibrant they just jump off the walls at you.

The work has been sympathetically displayed and carefully mounted.

Whilst at first glace, there seem to be lots of clashing colours, the colour palette the children have worked with has been chosen with great care. They’ve actually worked with a quite limited range of clear unmixed, mostly hot colours which adds to the Mexican folk art theme. Where the children have used blue it is a warmish blue with a tinge of red.

The hot colours of the work have been mounted on either a neutral black or on a coolish blue.  Lettering has been kept to a minimum and done in a dark blue.

The colours of the mounts round individual pictures have been picked out from the colours of the work so they add to rather than distract from the impact of the designs.  Individual work hasn’t got name labels and looks less busy than it might otherwise. This is a thorny subject in some schools where school display policy dictates that all work must be labeled.

Positioning Colourful Classroom Displays

I think you’d have to position this set of displays very carefully, ideally in the corridors or perhaps a shared area like the hall. It might be a little too distracting to have to compete for attention with all this energy!

If your appetite has been whetted and you want to see more just have a look at the  slide show below. Watch carefully and you’ll see a wide variety of ideas that you can adapt.

If you can’t view the slideshow here’s the link to the flickr set – A Mexican Marketplace



Adapting the display ideas

These displays are mostly art based but it would be easy to tie them in with written work about Mexico, poetry, stories  creative writing topics

If Mexico isn’t going to feature in your coming year why not adapt the display ideas for the year 6  Peru unit?

There’s lots of inspiration in these displays that could easily be used for other units too.  This house display might be adapted for a unit on habitations, or even street scenes.

How else might you use these ideas? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Umbrellas by Renoir created by 10 year olds

I really like this interpretation of Renior’s Umrellas by a class in N Ireland. Carly says it was created using view finders and then the separate interpretations were joined together. It was done as part of a whole school project for Take One Picture 2009. As was the next display:

Rainy Day Patterns

Hallway Displays – Art Show Banners

Art Show Banners, originally uploaded by paintedpaper.

I love these banners. They have been created as part of a school art show. Create is at this end and you can just seeImagine in the distance.
A whole school art show is a lovely idea but why not go a stage further and get together with other schools to really show off your pupils’ creativity?
Just have a look at this gorgeous work for inspiration:

This show was started I believe 5 years ago by a few art teachers. Now I think 15 teachers representing 17 schools. It is really marvelous! This is just one of the shows that our region displayed to celebrate Youth Art Month. (paintedpaper)

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful idea for your school?

Classroom Displays on the blogs 1

Classroom Tree

Karens Violetbliss: Classroom Displays

Found this lovely classroom display in my travels round the blogs. Karen says:

Our veteran teacher, Melanie, but together this display which includes artwork from all of our programs from the 2 year olds fruit, the three year olds paper plate turtles and an art that I did with the kindergartens of the old tortoise using watercolor paint and a saran wrap wrinkle effect to create the cracks of the old tortoise.

I like this very much, especially the tortoises.I think it has worked really well. It’s lovely to see so many people starting blogs and including photos of their classroom displays.