A New Bookstore for the Blog

I took about an hour this morning to set up a new Classroom Displays Blog Bookstore and I’m very pleased and impressed with the results. I’ve had a link with Amazon on the blog’s bookshop page for a while now and it have sold some books through it. The new store is a much more sophisticated matter and I think works really well. Finding good display books can be really tricky and the bookstore should make it easier for people.

Classroom Displays Bookshop

Classroom Displays Bookshop

It was easy to add a few key words which brought up some really good books about displays. I then added another couple of categories one about teaching in primary and the other for children’s picture books. The site was easily customised to fit in with the blog. All those lovely books… mmm. It’s quite inspiring but I have far too many already!!

If you do buy anything please come back and review it on this post.

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