Book Review – Rules of Display update

Our Classroom Displays book competition winner Manisa Saujani is guest author on the blog today –

Title: Rules of Display

The essential guide to nursery and primary classroom displays

Author: Lynn Taylor

Published by: Hodder Gibson (2006)

As a Teaching Assistant, with recently added responsibility of putting up classroom displays, I have found this book a valuable resource. In particular, during this first term back at school the photocopiable templates at the back have been great time savers.

This is a comprehensive guide covering everything from arranging a display with use of titles and borders to the materials that can be used for displays.

The tips, ideas and also the colour photographs really give an in depth understanding of creating stimulating displays taking into account the size, styles and even the colours used for displaying children’s work. The displays cover not only the walls, but also the table tops, ceilings and windows.
The book would add to the teaching assistant’s professional development especially since it covers the areas of health and safety as well as questions to think about when evaluating the learning environment.

I have enjoyed going through this book and will continue to dip into it again and again in order to refresh my ideas and skills.

Manisa Saujani – teaching assistant

If you are interested our Amazon book store has a few copies left.

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