Christmas Countdown Display

This great idea for a Christmas board comes from Classroom Displays Group member Lesley
She says:

My original design for this had the baubles on numbered pegs, hence the countdown. We changed our minds but forgot the title but it still makes some sense.

My teacher made most of this as I am in the other class room in the afternoons when most of the practical work is done.
The children enjoyed making hand prints but we had to cut them out for them.
The hooks for the baubles are made from split pins with one pin stapled to the wall and the other bent into a hook (I will try to collect a photo of this and add it)
The snow flakes around the edges are cheap decorations stapled on.

Every morning a child gets to choose a bauble to put on and go and find the right number to hang it.

I think it’s made a really interesting addition to the classroom, combining numeracy and fun.
Of course you could do something similar without everyone getting quite so messy:

This one was made by just cutting out hands drawn on green sugar paper and would make a good last minute display.

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