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Classroom Displays  Scroll Banner Classroom Displays group member Sue May has a great tutorial for making your own display title banner without using cut out letters or a printer over on her blog One Stitch Two Stitch

She has some detailed step by step instructions which are perfect for anyone who wants to try making handwritten titles for their displays. I like using a variety of text in the classroom and if we expect children to write using cursive then we should occasionally use it ourselves. I’d keep it for main titles or perhaps on word walls.

What do you think? Should classroom lettering in primary (elementary) only ever be in Comic Sans or Sassoon Primary (my personal favourite!)?

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One thought on “Classroom display scroll banner

  • Jody

    I ABSOLUTELY think it is part of my job to ensure the children I work with everyday get the opportunity to read a vareiy of text types, fonts, handwriting styles etc. It is important to learn about how these aspects add meaning, change meaning or are part of the meaning.
    I sure don’t want children leaving my class who can only read if it is in a particular font type! Handmade and hand created will always have a place in my class.

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