Classroom Safety

I’ve written before about classroom safety issues when putting up displays and it remains a very hot issue in schools. The potential costs to both individuals and the system of falls is massive. If you are in any doubt about the seriousness of classroom safety just take a look at the HSE e-learning materials linked to in my previous post. We all need to take it seriously and find ways of avoiding dangerous situations.

Recently I was contacted by Michael at Hi-Fix Hangers Ltd. They have produced what might be a solution for some schools and were kind enough to send me samples. Their system really is quite neat and involves the use of a telescopic pole to help you fix a range of special hangers to the ceiling or high up on the walls.

The hangers can be fixed either with strong magnets or adhesive.

The magnetic version is perfect for modern schools with the classic metal grid ceilings. Hands up those who’ve never tried to lift up one ceiling tile & wedge something between the tile & the grid or tie string to the intersection? (Not a great idea & given to falling down at inopportune moments!)

I occasionally get inquiries from people who are not allowed to attach anything to the walls, often because the building has been provided as part of a PFI partnership. This system is perfect for that situation as it leaves no marks at all & is easily removed.

The magnetic system can also work in older classrooms that have a metal framework supporting a much higher ceiling. If you are involved with with Health and Safety issues in your school I urge you to check out Hi-Fix’ site where you will find an excellent flow chart to help you decide if the system is suitable for your school.
Falls in schools can have very serious consequences so don’t take any risks. IMG_0797.JPGThere_and_back Let’s see if we can have great displays and still improve classroom safety.

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