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This is a lovely example of a classroom display drawn from a favourite story. There are quite a few of these in the group. They always provoke some discussion. One of the things that surprised me in my research last year was how highly children valued this sort of display. Making something like this can seem like ‘non-educational make work’ to some adults but children I interviewed were proud to have been involved in creating something they saw as beautiful.They felt it enhanced their self-esteem and increased their feelings of ownership of the classroom.

Elmer!, originally uploaded by miyoko.

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One thought on “Elmer!

  • Moria Black

    If this display is liked by the kids and is from a liked story then good. Again it looks very adult-directed, very perfect, but that may not matter if there is an intent to get close to the original. Also very labour-intensive by the look of the elephant’s patchwork squares. It is very colourful and would be eye-catching for sure in the classroom. Again no labels but plenty of scope for talk and story-building.

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