Interactive Projects and Classroom Displays

Today I’d like to recommend another US book. This one is full of great learner centred ideas for displays. Interactive Projects and Classroom Displays by Nicole Groeneweg is full of great display ideas. The section that you can see in the preview includes some excellent ideas for numeracy activities which lead naturally to some very creative displays. The ideas suggested are suitable for up to Year 3 but many of them could easily be adapted for higher up the school. Making numeracy displays interesting and exciting can be quite challenging so this is very good news!
(If you are reading this in email you can click through to see an extract from the book)

As this is a US import it is a little more expensive to buy new at around £21 but there are second hand version from £9 which is a real snip! The book is just crammed with good ideas for displays and they are all very child centred. Once again, if you want to buy through my Amazon link you won’t pay any more but I will get a little commission. Interactive Projects and Classroom Displays

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