Interesting Ways to Make Your Classroom a Sparkly Place to Learn 4

Classroom Displays group member  Tom Barrett did a whole series of collaborative slideshows for teachers and including one about making your classroom a fabulous sparkly learning environment.

It was hoped the slide show would keep growing and over time become a great place for pooling ideas. Sadly it didn’t work out unlike many of these collaborative slide shows which just keep growing . This one is no longer available online.

Perhaps we can do better here? Why not join in and add your own ideas in the comments?


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Hi, I enjoy helping teachers to make their classrooms into interesting visual learning environments. I write most of this site and I also run the Classroom Displays online course which you can find out more about in the sidebar.

4 thoughts on “Interesting Ways to Make Your Classroom a Sparkly Place to Learn

  • josephine

    Hi,i love the idea of this course.would love to be part of it,hope its not too late to join the June class?please advise me asap,thanks.josephine a primary school teacher.

    • Linda Post author

      Hi Josephine, you’ve missed the start of the June course. It’s looking likely that I’ll run another one in the second half of July and possibly one in September. I’ve emailed you more details.

  • Montessori Play School

    Yep, creating a sparkling classroom can be a good exercise on creativity. Since there are innumerable options, it is easy to keep changing them as well.

    • Linda Post author

      I’d be fascinated to hear more about the Montessori approach to display. I know you have very different views to the UK mainstream.

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