No Bullies Here 4

It worked well – there was a whole week of circle times on the subject,a ‘180 ways to be kind’ wall which the children were able to add ideas to all week,(I might have a photo of that somewhere..) a suggestions box for positive things to do at playtime, peace maker patrols and it ended with a whole school anti-bullying party where everyone wore blue and lots of positive games were played.

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4 thoughts on “No Bullies Here

  • lmhartley

    Dave, sorry, you may be genuine but I’ve disabled the link to your web site just in case. E-mail me if I’ve marked you as spam in error.

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  • Moria Black

    Loved this one! Graffiti grabs the attention. Another obviously done by the kids themselves and I would want to read every posting. That it ties in with other work on bullying and acts as a record/reminder is good. I think this is another example of simple is best and kids own work is most effective and eye-catching and something they can be proud of.

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