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I think this is an excellent example of an information rich display. It’s not arranged at all the way I would normally recommend for informative displays but it has great impact. It breaks all sorts of design guidelines but it does so in an interesting way. It’s worth remembering that the guidelines aren’t rigid rules and sometimes willfully breaking them can make a better and more exciting design.

Although it is visually rather busy I find myself wanting to pour over it and to read all the posters. Surely that’s exactly the reaction we want for an informative display?
Boscastle, originally uploaded by vikelli
The second display I want to show you uses a more conventional design, with one major design element in a strategic position on the board (the globe) and work arranged less randomly.

Original by mistymorning23

I think this one works really well too and I suppose what they have in common, apart from the topic, is the use of pupils’ work is prominent in both displays. Good stuff!
I’ve blogged these as part of Blog Action Day 09 #BAD09

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3 thoughts on “Climate Change Displays

  • Lisa Collins

    Great display, can I borrow it for synoptic placement for my year 4 class, also any further resources????

    • Linda Post author

      Of course you may 🙂 People share their ideas here so that we dont’ always have to re-invent the wheel. If you do use it please consider taking a photo and adding it to the FLickr group or to our Facebook page Classroom Displays.No more resources I’m afraid, as Victoria says, it was all student generated.

  • Victoria

    Thank you for blogging my Boscastle display – and for reminding me about it! This was from a couple of years ago, and was put together by my Year 12 Geography group. They had spent a lesson watching Nick Middleton’s Worst Weather programme about Boscastle, and had done some research for homework. Blank wall + 16 students + 1 hour on a Friday afternoon + sugar paper + marker pens + glue + scissors + string + chocolate brownies = fab (if slightly unconventional!) display!

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