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On the UK news yesterday there was a feature about the decline of the traditional postcard. Not as many are being bought in these days of digital communication. Here’s one good reason for buying them!
Postcard projects and wall displays. I love them! They are a great way of exciting children’s imagination. This one depends on children bringing back cards from their various holiday destinations.
Another approach is to find classes in other parts of the country or the world to exchange postcards with. This one helped pupils in the USA to place their state in its wider context.
postcard project
This one was part of my degree work
You can read more about it in Postcards from Virtual Friends

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2 thoughts on “Postcard projects

  • Liz

    Thanks for blogging me! The kids have had lots of fun with the postcards this year. We get 1-2 cards per week, and map and discuss them as we get them. My students are military, and have lived all over the US and world. They enjoy hearing about other places and have gained some geographic perspective, too. The project is easy to maintain and eye-catching, also.

  • Victoria Ellis

    Thanks for blogging my picture!

    This was actually a bit of a summer holiday project… When the students came up for Year 6 Visit Day, we gave each of them a label with the school address on and asked them to send us a postcard. About 2/3 of the year group did, so we were very impressed! We then did some mapping of where they’d been and there were some interesting results!


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