History Classroom Displays -Then and Now 6

History display, Then and Now

This is a lovely history classroom wall display for a key stage 1 class. The Then and Now topic is interesting but can be tricky for Year 1. They have so little concept of the past at this age. Last year seems an age ago to some of them πŸ™‚
It’s a great opportunity for embedding ICT though. It’s worth remembering that ICT in Key Stage 1 isn’t all about computers. I’ve seen it taught very effectively using the following resources:

  • Tape recorder to tape invited in grandparent’s recollections of the seaside,
  • a Slideshow of seaside images from the past up on the IWB
  • Magic Grandad Seaside Holiday (Magic Grandad) used on the IWB
  • Begged and borrowed photos of the local seaside, then and now (This was in Lancaster so Morecambe is just down the road)
  • Learning and recording a variety of old seaside songs (favourites like “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside” etc.)
  • A classroom timeline border that stayed up and got longer through the year.
  • Softease timeline CD
  • Clicker grids for My Seaside Holiday
  • Role play room transformed into a beach and seaside cafe.
  • Robust hand held tape recorders for interviewing each other in role

Image Source:Angela Oxen

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6 thoughts on “History Classroom Displays -Then and Now

  • Sharley

    I like your ideas with enhancing the learning of class. The Then and Now display is really cool!

  • Linda Post author

    Thanks for the clear instructions Angela – sorry your comment got passed for moderation for some reason 😎 All sorted now.

  • Linda Post author

    Hi Jacqueline
    I’ve tried to contact the person who made the original display but I’m not sure if they’ll get back to me.First glance suggests printing, maybe bagging or ragging onto A3, followed by using a cup or lid and white paint for the bubbles. I think it’s probably a similar technique to the one used on the Kites Display

    • Angela Silverwood

      Hi Linda and Jacqueline,
      I am still about, but don’t seem to get time to use ‘Flickr’ any more!
      The way the background was build up was to have sheets of white/cream poster paper and get the children to sponge paint the various coloured parts. Sea, sand and sky. When these were dry, we put them on the display and added the bits of detail for the surf and clouds etc. The children painted the rest of the objects, after lots of discussion and as Linda recommended, the Magic Grandad DVD!. When they were dry, we cut them out and added these to the display.
      This method can get very messy, both for you and the children, but it is great fun and as you can see, makes an eye catching display!

  • Jacqueline Upton

    Hi. Love your At the Seaside display Now and Then. Just what I am doing now with year 2. Can you post the techniques and how you built up this display?
    Many thanks.
    (Editors note: Edited to remove link to email address. It’s best not to post your email address on blog comments both to preserve your security and to foster open conversations πŸ™‚

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