Romans and competitions

Romans2, originally uploaded by LMH_.

Last January this Roman display won a competition for the best display at in a thread at the TA Chat Forum. I was pleased to have won the right to put a nice image in my sig for a while and the children involved in creating the display were excited to hear that their display was voted the winner.
This competition, however, is for a rather more substantial reward!
Belair publishes a vast range of books about display. (See the books page in my sidebar for some examples.)

Belair Display of the Year Competition 2006

Belair and Junior Education are delighted to give you the opportunity to WIN ALL THE BELAIR COLLECTIONS!We are looking for the best displays of 2006, illustrating the real passion and talent that goes into exhibiting pupils’ work in the classroom and around the school.

Have you and your pupils created a masterpiece that deserves greater recognition? If so, you could be our 2006 winner!

Winning displays will be featured in Junior Education and on the Folens website. The competition is open to both teachers and teaching assistants and the only limitation is your own ingenuity!

Simply photograph a display you have put up in your school and email it to: or post your photo to

Unit 20 Apex Business Centre
Boscombe Road

Entries will be judged by a panel of Belair authors and Junior Education. Closing date for entries is 17th November 2006.

They then go on to list a quite extensive criteria set which is worth a read in it’s own right as a bench mark for judging the quality of your displays.

So if you’ve got a suitable display or you can get one up by then why not have a go? Your school stands to win a spectacular and inspiring resource library and it might just inspire you to come up with your most impressive displays ever 🙂

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