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Sir Kit and Dragon Island, originally uploaded by LindaH.

This is the Year 3 Literacy Intervention which has replaced ALS. The materials are available to download from the DFES site . You’ll also find some clip art here on the Lancs NGFL site.

The Quest group really fires the kids’ imaginations. They love Sir Kit and I found they drink it all in. They like all the trappings too, that’s why I found a magic bottle (ex-bubble bath) to put on the display with their letters. The more you can do of that sort of thing the better the kids like it.

Letters from Sir Kit

Map of Dragon Island

The map was aged with brown paint and pva (dash of paint in a 1part glue to 3 parts water solution) then crumpled when dry.
The volcano roleplay session in block B of Module 1 is really good fun.

This display was made to evolve through the 16 week intervention, with new targets and work being put up every two weeks.
One thing to watch out for though is the sharks module. Last year I found the page references were wrong for the edition of the book we’d bought & some of the info they needed was missing. I managed to find a book in the library & photocopied the information. It’s worth checking in advance.

It’s also worth re-emphasising that the intervention is aimed at 2c children & is too hard for the lower group. They’d enjoy the story but the work will quickly overwhelm them. It ramps up quite quickly too with Module 3 being quite challenging for below average achievers in Year 3.

There are a couple of interesting conversations about it over on the TA Chat forum

Update 2012:

I’m amazed that Quest is still going after so many years!

Find the Quest Books and Resources

You can find  all the Quest Books here on the Better Reading Partners Amazon Book Shop Quest page

The Dilly the Dinosaur books have new ISBNs:
Dilly the Dinosaur 978749746827
Dilly and the Goody Goody 07801405202497

The Shark book is also available but has different page numbers and some missing information.

I have also added the Volcano book which is still available as a pack of 6 or as individual books.

Babcock LDP has some good links to the basics now that the official site is gone.

Leicester still has the editable version of the parents leaflet


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35 thoughts on “Sir Kit and Dragon Island

  • stacey

    i like kia because she is a nice person like me and linda and she is always kind she always shares and she dont push anyone out

  • Linda Post author

    I’m really glad you are all enjoying Sir Kit so much and you are welcome to talk about it here. I just need to remind you to be kind to each other. Nasty comments will be removed.

  • stacey

    wea re having a great day and having lots andlots of fun helping sir kit and having a great time

  • stacey

    we are having a great time helping sir kit get to
    dragon island

  • stacey

    sir kit needs are help and we are trying to help him and we are realy trying to try hard and when we have finished are work we are doing fuun things

  • stacey

    we wair are school clothes but somtimes we wair are pe kit when we get changed for pe

  • stacey

    It is great and you dont do the same things because the second group does fun things first and we do work first and they do work after and we do fun things after.

  • kia

    We have the same people everyday but one the other people do it and we have fun all of us but we do best till last

  • kia

    You get to visit diffrent islands like dragon island the shark lagoon and dragon food you get volcano food from the volcano but they dont die

  • stacey

    You get to visit diffrent islans like dragon island the shark lagoon and dragon food you get to do diffrent things and thereb are siffrent groups and diffrent peopel

    • adelaida

      me too i am 8 years old and at my shcool i went to reading group and we learned about him we read storrys and sir kit forgets things can !!!!!

  • Trish

    What a brilliant idea to put up a display. This is my second year doing the Quest and I think I’ll take on your idea and put a display up this time.
    Last year I dressed the children as Knights and took their pictures to hang on the wall, this really got them in the spirit of the program and they asked me questions like “Was Sir Kit real?” and “Where did he live?” etc.
    I put details on the things we did on my website so others could see and use themselves, see what you think:

    The main project:
    The extra’s and accessories:

    I also made special bookmarks and gave them to the children when they had completed a challenge from a chapter – they loved them:

    This year I’ve made a volcano out of paper mache and am planning to make it explode using baking soda, this website showed me how:

    I feel this would also make the lesson valuable and exciting.
    Another idea I have is to play music during or at the beginning of a lesson. For example, on the shark chapter – play jaws music.
    Overall I find the Sir Kits quest program to be excellent for all the children involved and it’s also brilliant for us to be creative and bring fun to the lessons

  • julie

    Thanks for the good ideas i have just begun the quest with the children and putting up a display like this will really boost the children

  • Linda Post author

    Thanks for your kind words Catherine. The programme is great fun and the children really enjoy it. Unlike some interventions this one really took off. The last group I did it with loved the Dilly the Dinosaur books and it really stimulated their interest in books in general.

  • Catherine Drion

    Thanks for your display. It is lovely. I’m about to start the programme tomorrow and it’s given me good ideas. It does look like fun. Here is another easy way of ageing a map : use a wet teabag to dab the paper; when it’s dry it will look like parchment paper…

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