Chinye a West African Folktale


Chinye a West African Folktale

(Image cc Andy Roberts)

Chinye a West African Folktale is one of a number of “Cinderella” style stories looked at as part of Ruth MIskin’s Read Write Comprehension series. This selection of stories show the wide, multicultural nature of the Cinderella myth. The story follows the basic shape as we know it.

Chinye was a well known  West African folk tale which is retold in this version by Obi Onyefulu and beautifully illustrated by Evie Safarewicz The main character is a young Nigerian girl who loses her beloved father, she is left to work as a servant to her stepmother and her spoilt step-sister . One day she is kind to an old woman in the forest and Chinye’s good heart eventually brings her great rewards. (more…)

Roald Dahl The BFG



Roald Dahl’s The BFG is a firm favourite in schools. In case you don’t know the story the BFG is a big, friendly giant who befriends a little girl called Sophie. They have some interesting, hilarious and slightly scary adventures together. Children respond well to Dahl’s darker vision of childhood and his understanding of the more frightening aspects of growing up. His child heroes and heroines are always resourceful and independent and usually far more competent than the adults around them.

Engage The Learners

Getting Dahl displays right though can be a bit tricky. It is too easy to get carried away making a ‘wow!’ display and forget the need for learners to engage with the display. (more…)

Ideas for Phonics Displays

Today’s Ideas for Phonics Displays are brought to you by the pure ‘i’ sound.

A couple of people have posted on the Classroom Displays Facebook  Page recently looking for ideas for phonics displays and I’ve been really pleased and impressed with the willingness of people to help.


Kyle asked for help:
“Hello all, any ideas on a display whilst we are teaching the i-i-i pure sound?? thankyou 🙂 For nursery age “
Here are just a few of the ideas the page likers came up with to help Kyle with the pure “i” sound. (more…)

Ten Quick Interactive Display Ideas

Ten quick ideas for interactive display corners:
An interactive display corner can quickly  be set up in your classroom, where students research or explore a particular topic. They are  ideal for “what do I do now times?” but make sure all students get a chance for play as those who may benefit most might miss out if it is only used as a reward.

10 Ideas for Quick Interactive Displays

  1. Junk modelling pile – students produce relevant artefacts – eg cardboard rolls can be used as mock telescope. Tea boxes make good treasure chests or gingerbread houses. (more…)