180ways_to_be_kind 2

180ways_to_be_kind, originally uploaded by LMH_.

This was placed next to the anti-bullying graffiti wall. Children were encouraged to write their ideas for being kind. Above you can just see the anti-bullying badges that they all made.

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2 thoughts on “180ways_to_be_kind

  • penny

    I love the idea of a ani bullying wall,i hope you dont mind but i am going to bring this idea to my school. I will,of course say where i got the idea from .Penny

  • Moria Black

    I love the fact that this is obviously all the kids’ work – complete with spelling mistakes! Perhaps 180 is a lot to read though but I would read them all myself! It’s nice as I guess each child’s idea is there somewhere. How many displays feature just a selection of the class work and it is often the same few!Also nice idea that it is low down so they can read it as if they’d written that size on paper and then had it hoisted onto the wall it would have been hard to read.

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