Quick Autumn Displays – The Thinking Tree 2

66/365 – 9/26/2008, originally uploaded by snelly23.

I couldn’t resist this great quick display for Autumn! The maker says:

I was looking for real fall leaves to photograph on Monday, the first day of fall, and I failed. Our class used “glue paint” over and under tissue squares on construction paper to make these shiny fall leaves.

I love the tree with its ‘glue paint’ leaves and it’s wonderful affirmative messages. I’d love to add some photos of class members caught doing and being all of these great things, and to add some affirmations of their own, perhaps on more leaves building up at the base of the display, over this term.
People are always looking for 3d tree displays and I think this is a simple but excellent example.

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2 thoughts on “Quick Autumn Displays – The Thinking Tree

  • sukmi

    i’m sorry, please help me. give some idea about environment class. my class name is kutilang bird. you have solution?

    • Linda Hartley Post author

      Hi Sukmi, Maybe you could use a tree, like the one on this post and the children could all be colourful finches? You could use a basic bird template and have the children personalise them. I assume you are in Indonesia?

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