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I found this great idea on a new photo on the Classroom Displays Group on Flickr and followed the link to an interesting blog:

But I love this. I’m big on the ‘And what have you learned today?’ (like that wasn’t already obvious) so the other day instead of asking, I handed out post-it notes. They all wrote something and posted it on the door as they left. All but one post-it was academic I learned to say ‘I did and not I done’. ‘I learned about exposition and resolution for story writing’. and the non-academic one has caused more than a few laughs from people stopping by my classroom ‘I learned not to feed the dog next door at break time.‘ Well, he asked why the dog was barking. So I had to explain, didn’t I?

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  • Rachel

    Hey, great blog!
    Just been browsing through and have seen lots of neat ideas, thanks.
    Fantastic that you did all this for your qualification too…. and you’ve ended up with a neat resource. Well done!
    * Rachel

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