The Snow Queen Rides 1

This display could be just the work of a talented TA or it might have been made with help from children. How much value does this sort of display have in the classroom?

In this audio clip I interviewed some children about their thoughts on the making of this image

(from my report Classroom Displays in Primary, LM Hartley, 2005)


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One thought on “The Snow Queen Rides

  • Moria Black

    This seems to be straight out of the recent Narnia film. It’s a lovely image but so perfect I feel that the kids’ contributions to its creation would be of the order of sticking on precut/made shapes. I listened to the kids talking about it and it didn’t seem they had much clear idea of what it was about – except they liked it! So maybe you could say the whole point is lost or was a fuzzy concept to start with. Or does that not matter? On my first day in school 50 years ago the teacher had chalked on the board the three bears. She was very artistic. All of us thought it was wonderful and I can picture it now. So maybe it’s just nice to have something that is special and makes you think. You could weave all sorts of stories from it and, as the adult was doing, ask them about what they thought. So yes stimulating but not giving out any messages as no labels. An imagination stirrer.

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