February bulletin board

February bulletin board, originally uploaded by hale_popoki.

We don’t do this in the UK at all. The 100th day of school passes unremarked. Tina’s bulletin board display is all the more interesting for this reason.

For the Classroom displays group…..
Although this actually isn’t a classroom display.
It’s a bulletin board in a school hallway.
And yes, it’s no longer February……February was so insanely busy for me that I didn’t get around to taking these bulletin board pics and downloading them until the end of February. (At least I managed to get shots of it! I was going to take photos of my January bulletin board, but completely forgot……when I finally remembered, the next teacher assigned to it had already taken it down.)

Each of the classroom teachers at my school is assigned a school bulletin board for each month. Because our school is a multi-level school and some bulletin boards are in locations with a lot of foot traffic while others are more isolated, we have a rotation system.

My February board was in a high-visibility area, so I didn’t meet my half hour or less rule……I decided that it would be nicer to die-cut the letters.

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