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Wall Display

A fresh idea and a new site from a couple of UK based teachers.

Long ago (2005) when I set up the Classroom Displays flickr group I wanted a way for teachers and TAs to preserve and share their display ideas. Today we have a guest post from two teachers with an equally innovative idea, but this time the focus is on sharing children’s work. I’ll let them tell you about it:

‘Wall Display’ is a brand new learning tool for teachers and students in the form of a free blog. The project was set up in 2010 by a Teach First participant and his friend a graphic designer.

Currently there are no popular magazines that specialise in publishing student’s work; this is the virtual alternative. Teachers can now comment on students’ work from different schools across the nation. WD has been devised to give teachers the opportunity of rewarding, motivating and inspiring their pupils through presenting homework online. It also provides a platform for other teachers to comment on work; ensuring that the students whose work is on WD receive a wider breadth of praise and feedback.

WD is dedicated to helping learners at any point on the academic spectrum; from rewarding those who struggle to access learning to inspiring those who move more quickly. If teachers feel they want to share why they like the work they are submitting, we add their comments beneath to allow learners an insight into why they should feel proud. It is our hope that this will inspire feedback from other teachers across the country and aid students to feel like they can own their learning process.

The only way that WD can reach students and have an impact is by their teachers submitting work As such, we have tried to make the usability of our site a priority going through three full upgrades since October 2010 and including a submit form on the site to allow teachers to send us work there and then without leaving the page!

Why not pop over there and add some of your students work? There’s nothing like praise from cyberspace for motivating pupils!

Language of the month displays 6

Language of the Month Display (1)

These wonderful language displays are courtesy of Joe Debono and his school Newbury Primary in Ilford, Redbridge in London.
Language of the Month Display (2)
Language of the Month Display

There are over 40 languages spoken in the school and Language of the Month was introduced to help the children to learn a little about and share each other’s languages.

As well as displays the initiative includes online audio visual resources and specially designed simple games.

I think the initiative is fantastic and it will give a real sense of validation and respect to children and their families for whom English is not their first language.

Online Resources and Downloads

The school hasn’t stopped there though. They’ve made all these resources freely available via their web site. You can hear children speaking simple words in their own languages, download the activity booklet which has suggestions for over a 100 games and other pdf files to help you put up your own language of the month displays.

I’m going to use it myself to try to master a few simple words from languages I might encounter amongst my students next year. How about you?

Our Circle of Friendship 2

IMG_1967, originally uploaded by LMH_.

This hall display was made to represent the diverse nature of the school population.

The background was divided up with masking tape and painted with fabric paint. The hands were made by children drawing round their own hands, cutting them out of felt, and sticking them on. It was made with the help of one of our school’s learning mentors, Julie Lawrence. It’s meant to symbolise the circle of friendship in our school.

I think it looks very effective with the light coming through and it carries an important message. Many of the children who worked on this were troubled in some way and the learning mentors used the making of the display as part of an informal friendship building programme.

Wall Display Primary 6 at Loirston-Coping with Climate Project


Here’s some “children’s voice” about their display work in action 🙂 P6 at Loirston School have been blogging about how they made their display about climates. Good work!

» Coping with Climate Project wall Display Primary 6 at Loirston
Coping with Climate Project wall Display

February 21, 2008

We made a wall display by splitting into groups and making a part of the wall display each. The four climates are the Desert, Rain Forest, Polar and the Woodland.


We tend to put lots of emphasis on stopping bullying. We don’t do very much with classroom rules. We tend to have each class make posters about their own classroom rules and those are displayed for the first few weeks of term. What seems to happen in some USA schools looks quite interesting. It’s certainly clearer for the kids what is and is not acceptable. See the next two posts for examples.