Corridor wall displays – ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’

‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’, originally uploaded by norirelibjk.

It can be very hard to photograph classroom displays in corridors. This lovely work is based on that old favourite “The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark.” norirelibjk is an NQT who is also the library manger. She says:

As a class we read this book together and our literacy lessons were based on it over a week. We wrote book reviews using an assortment of templates. Also included were some blurbs and alternative chapter endings.
This display was put up along our year 4 corridor, outside the Library, (opposite my classroom), which meant the whole school passed it.
I put it up in time for our first Parent/Carer evening. it had lots of interest and not just from my class’s parents. (year 4 age 8/9)

I just love the owl. He was made in an interesting way:

‘Plop’ was made by the class drawing around their hands; colouring them brown, grey or leaving them white and then cutting them out. A girl drew ‘Plop’ and then I layered and stuck on the hands to give the effect of feathers.
‘Plop’ is now in our book corner as display just been changed.

Here’s a close up of him in his new position:
Corridors are great places for the class to share their learning with the rest of the school and others, even if they are hard places to photograph!
The book is a real classic and paperback read alone copies can be found in most schools. Still, my favourite version for using with classes is this heavily illustrated one:

The audio book, read by Maureen Lipman, is great too:

Kenyan Mat Display

Kenyan mat display, originally uploaded by norirelibjk.

This is a very effective classroom wall display that could be created in a single lesson.

Kenyan mat displayKenyan mat displayKenyan mat display

First we folded the card in half and made cuts from the folded edge. We didn’t just do straight cuts but used patterns too. We then wove strips of coloured paper through, (using Kenyan Flag colours). (the final shot shows )A finished woven paper mat ready to be laminated.

This is a lovely project and using the limited colour range of the flag makes it a better and more meaningful display. I really like this project and I think it and the accompanying Masai necklace classroom display work very well.
Kenya Masai Necklace Display 001