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Updated – The study at your own pace, online Classroom Displays Summer School  returns in a new form July 25th 2016. Sign up to the newsletter for a special discount offer!

Summer School 2016

Summer School 2016

The next Classroom Displays Summer School starts  July 25th 2016. The course will remain available to book until early September.

You DO NOT need to be in school to do the course!
Don’t worry that you are not in school or don’t have access to a camera over the summer.

What Level Will You Choose?

This year for the first time I am offering three levels for the Summer School.

You will be able to choose from the Starter Course, the Advanced Course or choose Access All Areas (which includes everything and comes with two bonus 1-1 mentoring emails)

How Does The Self Paced Course Work?

When you sign up I send you the password and the link to the lessons.

  • You work your way through them as quickly or as slowly as you like.
  • You retain full access until the September class starts.
  • I provide feedback on any completed tasks you send me, by email.
  • You still get a certificate once you complete the tasks

Who is it for?

These courses are designed for people who are unsure where to start with displays, struggle to find ideas or worry about their displays being boring.

The self paced version is ideal for anyone who finds it hard to make time to study during term time. The tasks are all provided so you do not need to be in school to complete the courses.

What will I learn?

 Classroom Displays Starter Course

  • You will understand how to make your displays really work for your learners
  • You will know where to look for display ideas and resources
  • You will be able to use basic design principles to make your displays stand out.
  • You will confidently use colour in your displays and know how to best to mount children’s work.
  • You will choose from a range of lettering styles to find the ones that best suit your display.

Best of all, you’ll have the experience of looking at lots of other people’s displays and seeing how to improve them. Once you do that it becomes much easier to see how to improve your own!

Advanced Course

In the Advanced Course you will cover:

  • Some of the theory behind what has been called the UK obsession with displaying children’s work. This will include looking at display policies, display learning walks etc.
  • Learning walls and standards based displays. We will also consider how to make target displays meaningful to children whilst not alienating to lower achievers.
  • A range of visually based behaviour management ideas.
  • Adding 3D elements to displays to increase learner engagement.
  • Technology and display, how to add interest to your displays with technology based elements.


Read more about the Summer School on the Classroom Displays Training site.

Study at your own pace, online Classroom Displays Summer School  returns in a new form July 25th 2016. Read all about it here

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